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Schenck SmartBalancer


FACT:  Over 50% of all faults and failures of machines and systems can be attributed directly or indirectly to unbalances in rotating machine components.

The SmartBalancer helps you identify an unbalance simply and accurately, and correct it with the minimum effort. This ensures the reliability of your machines and systems, and increases your competitiveness.

Avoid unbalances in your operations
With the SmartBalancer, rotors of almost any size and weight can be balanced quickly, cost-effectively and accurately in their installed condition, therefore without having to dismantle the machine. Thanks to the comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, the SmartBalancer keeps you up-to-date with the vibration condition of your machines – keeping your business running.

Make your work easier with the high operating convenience
Functions of the SmartBalancer are operated easily and intuitively by means of a control yoke and a few function keys, even by inexperienced users. The brilliant color display, its easily understandable pictograms and the simple file structure are based on the commonly used Windows presentation. This makes the SmartBalancer an efficient and practical tool for tracking down unbalances during ongoing operations.


  • Complete package at a low cost-to-benefit ratio
  • 2 simultaneous measuring channels for static and dynamic field balancing
  • Vector diagram of the unbalance and influence meter for all measuring points
  • Analysis set-up in conformity with DIN ISO 10816-3 built-in
  • Machine diagnosis with FFT
  • Standard overall vibration measurement
  • Laser-optics reference transducer with up to about 2 m measuring distance
  • Direct print-out on a printer or in a PDF file
  • Lithium-ion storage battery for at least 8 hours of operation
  • Data memory on Compact Flash Card

Area of Application

The SmartBalancer is a handy instrument for balancing installed rotors fast, accurately and inexpensively without disassembling machines. You can correct rotors of practically any size or weight in  one and two planes. It makes all of the important diagnostic options such as measuring overall vibrations, tracking analysis and FFT frequency analysis available. Its comprehensive equipment covers most of the other vibration measuring functions, making it a high-performance tool for machine diagnosis.

Design and Function

  • This battery-operated machine has a complete package in its basic equipment with all of the accessories needed for 2-channel balancing. Its scope of delivery includes two piezoelectric acceleration transducers with magnetic retainers for smooth and curved surfaces and a probe. The laser-optics reference pick-up has a large measuring distance up to about 2 m to allow reliable and convenient work.
  • All of the functions of the SmartBalancer can be operated with one hand via one navigation pad and a couple of function keys. Following the very popular Windows display, the SmartBalancer works with easily comprehensible pictograms/icons and a simple file structure. Its large and illuminated colour display and 4 colour LEDs always provide clear information on the machine’s present operating state.