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Pall Oil Separators

HVP 333 Vacuum Dehydration Purifier

The HVP 333 purifier is a portable vacuum dehydration unit utilizing mass transfer to purify hydraulic, lubricating, and gear oils by removing water, particulate contamination, and gases. Dielectric oils can also be purified offline/off load. Pall oil purifiers remove 100% of free water and gases, and up to 80% of dissolved water and gases. The unit creates a high surface area on the incoming oil and uses gentle vacuum and the normal oil operating temperature to create conditions for rapid mass transfer of the water and gases from the oil. Discharge oil filtration at bx(C) ³1000 provides the benefit of highly efficient particulate removal for additional lube or hydraulic system protection. HVP oil purifiers extend fluid service life; reduce environmental risks, and fluid disposal and renewal costs; improve system performance; and reduce system
component wear.


  • High performance water, gas, and particulate removal
  • Simple Operation – Just plug into an electrical outlet, open inlet and outlet valves, and start motor. No adjustments are necessary, and no water or air line connections are required.
  • Unattended operation – Automatic controls will safely shut down the system if fluid level is outside normal limits.
  • Service Indicators – An LCD panel displays all alarm conditions, including possible causes and service requirements, where applicable.
  • Easily Portable – The HVP Purifier is compact and mounted on casters, providing high mobility.
  • Low Energy Consumption – Heater use is not required for typical on-line applications.

General Specifications:
Dimensions: 40˝ L x 31˝ W x 64˝ H(1,020 mm x 790 mm x 1,630 mm)
Approximate Dry Weight: 1000 lbs (454 kg)
Inlet connection: 11⁄4˝ (31.75 mm) NPT female
Outlet connection: 1 ˝ (25.4 mm) NPT female
Flow Rate: 5.6 GPM (21.2 lpm)
Inlet Pressure: 10 PSI (0.7 bar) maximum
Outlet Pressure: 5 PSI (0.3 bar) to 60 PSI (4 bar)
Maximum Inlet Fluid temperature: 165ºF (73ºC)
Maximum Fluid Viscosity: 260 cSt (1300 SUS)
Minimum Fluid Viscosity: 8 cSt (36 SUS)