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Spindel Drives

Options and Customizing

Standard SPINDEL Master drives can be configured to fit your particular needs.

We support a wide variety of options and welcome drive customization.


  • NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 drive enclosures
  • Custom enclosures and enclosure painting
  • Input reactors and filters
  • Single phase input power
  • 400 Hz AC and DC input power
  • Input and output transformers
  • Low and high frequency output filters
  • Output contactors
  • Disconnect switches and door interlocks
  • Additional braking, up to 100% capacity
  • Dynamic braking on power loss
  • Additional control inputs and outputs
  • High resolution analog and digital inputs
  • Local and remote digital and analog meters
  • Remote control stations on NEMA 12 doors
  • Operator station kits for remote mounting
  • Fieldbus support
  • Custom display screens and custom software
  • Orientation using proximity sensors, incremental or absolute encoders, resolvers or magneto-resistive sensors
  • Closed loop speed regulation (below 0.01%)
  • Auto restart
  • Frequency (pulse train) reference input
  • Spindle cooling, lubrication and protection packages
  • Multiple winding motors with switch-over for very wide constant HP range
  • Control for two phase motors
  • Control for PM (brushless) motors
  • Flux and torque control
  • Multiple drives packaged in one enclosure
  • Drive output for multiple motors (individual overloads, thermistor sensing and terminals)
  • Regeneration to line (during deceleration or for continuous overhauling loads)