Compass 6000

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Compass 6000

compass-6000_usThe Compass 6000 platform offers a new modular platform for safety, trending and diagnostic monitoring of machines and production plants.

Building on a strong and well-proven technology platform and experience, Compass 6000 integrates past and future possibilities into one system dedicated to the applications of safety monitoring and condition monitoring.

Using the most modern electronic technology and manufacturing processes, the rack-based safety monitoring system – VIBROCONTROL 6000TM – provides safe, reliable and high-quality solutions for protecting people, environments and machinery.

The Compass 6000 adds predictive monitoring functions to the VIBROCONTROL 6000TM safety system and thus continues to meet our customer’s demand for integrated, reliable safety and predictive monitoring solutions.

VC-6000TM – Machinery protection to prevent a catastrophic machine failure.

The Compass 6000 platform is complete when compatible solutions also integrate old technology with new;  naturally COMPASS Classic is able to operate in parallel with Compass 6000, integrated through a modern “” based MS-WindowsTM user interface.

The  Compass 6000 has all the multi-faceted display tools and modern state-of-the-art communication interfaces. All the data and information can be viewed from any remote location through an Internet access while a built-in user-management system secures the entire system against unauthorised access.