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The SmartMonitor is the perfect complement to your Preventive Maintenance program. Its design allows the user to diagnose potential machine problems before they occur, saving you expensive machine downtime and unscheduled repairs. The SmartMonitor comes in two different versions, CV and RV. The CV is used to monitor Case Vibrations and the RV is used to monitor the Relative Shaft Vibrations. Both versions can be configured via PC or locally through the unit interface. A full software package is included, and allows the user to establish a remote monitoring solution.

CV Features:


  • Overall Case Vibration Monitoring – Dual Channel
  • Temperature Monitoring – Dual Channel
  • Bearing Condition Monitoring– Dual Channel
  • FFT Spectrum Reading
  • Six Channel Trending
  • Six Analog Outputs (4-20mA)


RV Features:

  • Overall Shaft Vibration Monitoring – Dual Channel
  • Temperature Monitoring – Dual Channel
  • Time Waveform Reading
  • FFT Spectrum Reading
  • Orbit Reading
  • Four Channel Trending
  • Four Analog Outputs (4-20mA)

Both Versions of SmartMonitors come with three relays (OK, Lim 1, Lim 2) that can be configured to trip upon exceeding any measured value. Post mortem memory display allows the user to analyze errors which caused the failure. DIN rail mountable the SmartMonitor is a powerful tool in a small package that can help save costly down time.


The SmartMonitor is capable of providing reliable machine and event data right to your PC. The SmartMonitor allows as many as 32 units to be connected to the local server over one Modbus connection. Interfacing to the client is accomplished locally at the server or over the internet, allowing access to your data from any remote location.