Vibrocontrol_6000 _3HU_RackThe VIBROCONTROL 6000 safety monitoring system (VC-6000)
is a modular 19” rack based system designed  for continuous monitoring
of machines using a wide range of permanently installed sensors.
It combines knowledge and experience with modern data-acquisition
technology, and is packed with features:

  • Unequaled compactness – Up to 36-channels per 3HU rack 
  •  Versatile power supply – DC/AC power supply in one module. Double and triple power supply redundancy possible  
  •  Application specific monitoring modules – Many ‘Plug ‘n Play’ modules are available that are switch to your specific  requirements 
  •  Powerful software – The Type 7126 Safety monitoring workstation sets up the VC-6000, displays data and  allows you to log data
  • High reliability – The modules have high MTBF values. Extensive self-monitoring and individual OK relays in the monitoring modules supplemented by a central OK relay for the complete monitoring rack

The VC-6000 is one of the fastest safety systems on the market, with relay activation time typically only 10 ms.

VIBROCONTROL 6000 meets all of the important requirements of API-670 rev.4, ISO 10816, ISO 7919 standards.

Digital interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, 100 Mbit Ethernet) and protocols, e.g. Modbus, Dual Modbus and OPC (Ole for Process Control) simplify communications with the Compass 6000 software for diagnostic monitoring, automation systems for data visualization, data archiving and plant-wide system integration.