Vibrotest 60

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Vibrotest 60

The VIBROTEST 60 is a state-or-the-art hand-held unit that offers a wide range of capabilities to effectively diagnose,troubleshoot and correct machine vibration in the field.

This modular system can be used as a:

Start Up analyzer Package
Vibration Analyzer
Field balancer
Data collector

…or combine all three modules with XMS Software for complete predictive maintenance capability!

The VIBROTEST 60 has an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that provides fast, accurate measuring results with a brilliant, high resolution screen. Two channels, plus one speed/ reference channel, can simultaneously process up to 5 machine parameters such as overall mechanical vibration, bearing condition values, frequency spectrum and speed, in one measurement – on one screen.

Overview of modules

Module 1.1: Basic Module Overall values for Machine Evaluation

  • Absolute bearing vibrations
  • Relative shaft vibrations
  • Bearing Condition Unit (BCU)
  • Bandpass measurements
  • Process values
  • Speed measurement
  • Manual entry

Module 1.2: Extension Module

  • Overall Vibration vs. Speed
  • Overall Vibration vs. Time

Module 2.1: Basic Module for Machine Diagnosis

  • FFT-spectrum for analysis of machine faults and damage

Module 2.2: Extension Module for Machine Diagnosis

  • Envelope analysis BSC/SED-spectrum for extended identification of bearing damage
  • Cepstrum for selective gear analysis

Module 3: Tracking Analysis

  • Narrow-band measurement of rotor-synchronous vibrations
  • Amplitude / Phase vs. Speed
  • Amplitude / Phase vs. Time

Module 5: Dual-channel Function

  • Extension for simultaneous acquisition and evaluation of all measurements for condition-oriented machine maintenance

Module 6: Data-collector

  • For systematic acquisition and evaluation of all measurements types for predictive machine maintenance

Module 7: BALANCING EXPERT Field Balancing (Dual-channel)

  • For field balancing of rotors in one and two correction planes

Module 8: CPB-spectrum

  • For efficient fault detection through formation of multiband-pass filters in the frequency range of measurement.